Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This and that

I recently came across a useful book by Rhonda R. McClure, one of the genealogy world's best-known names. The title is: Digitizing your family history : easy methods for preserving your heirloom documents, photos, home movies, and more in a digital format. (Cincinnati, OH: Family Tree Books, c2004) Its 188 pages are crammed with ideas and information.

There are chapters on using the scanner, videocamera, and digital still camera, and editing the results. Of course everything in the techno world changes faster than we can think, but her ideas and suggestions are still useful. I learned, for instance, that there is a way to scan slides and negatives with a scanner which does not have this built-in feature. It also sent me back to look at my digital camera's instruction manual with a slightly better grasp of its possibilities.

The Sonoma County Library system has five copies – just go online, look it up, and put in a request.


One of my favorite online sources for genealogical news is Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. The "standard" edition is free, and the "premium" subscription costs $19.95 for 12 months. I find it full of useful information and updates on what is going on in the realm of genealogy. Even though we often do our research in solitude, there are plenty of fellow enthusiasts out there, and lots going on! To sign up, or just take a look, go to http://www.eogn.com

One of its recent stories was about Rootsweb Television, a new Internet feature.
"When Roots Television debuted on 29 September it was a quiet launch in beta mode intended to draw enough traffic to test the site and work through the inevitable technical bugs that accompany new ventures into cyberspace. That 'quiet' launch quickly became an international roar, as word spread lightning-fast and Roots Television drew viewers from five continents in the first 24 hours! Not surprising really, since family history commands one of the largest and fast-growing markets in the world."


With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I wish you all a most enjoyable day. And remember, if there are any family stories floating around, make notes! And take the opportunity to ask a leading question or two of the older relatives. You might be surprised what you learn!

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