Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thought for December

Is December busyness putting your genealogy pursuits in the background for the moment? We all need to return to our everyday lives now and then, but it is pleasant to look beyond the seasonal buzz and contemplate a return to the enticing family tree puzzle in the dark, damp and chilly post-holiday weeks.

For now, when you're sending out those holiday cards and letters, you might want to share recent discoveries with interested family members. No, I don't mean pages of mind-numbing charts, or off-putting lists of obscure names and dates. But you do have ancestors in common with those cousins, nieces and nephews in your address book, and if you've recently found a new nugget of intriguing information about Great-Grandad's brother, they would probably enjoy hearing about it.

Was great-uncle Harold in the Civil War? Did he marry the daughter of a bank robber? Was one of their children part of the California Gold Rush? Passing along morsels of family history may even inspire the recipients to respond with findings or memories of their own.

Enjoy the season and think ahead, to the time when you can get back to your detective work!

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