Tuesday, January 09, 2007

For your viewing pleasure ...

Still recovering from the holidays, I have been watching more DVDs lately, and wanted to pass along a recommendation. "Almost Strangers," a 3-part series from BBC, has as its centerpiece a huge family reunion, complete with some quite intriguing stories. Relatives, many of whom have never met one another, converge on a posh London hotel (Claridge's was the setting), and dramas ensue. Serious genealogical researchers might have a tiny bone or two to pick, but overlook those and just enjoy the story.

There are old photos, enormous family tree charts,family secrets awaiting revelation, and flashbacks to WWII Britain's child evacuees.

I was so enchanted I watched the whole series twice, the second time with the director's commentary.

Michael Gambon, Matthew Macfayden and Lindsay Duncan star, among others. Stephen Poliakoff is the writer/director.

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