Saturday, May 04, 2013

In the news ...

A brief article by David Wiegand in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye:

PBS is planning to launch a new TV series patterned after a popular Irish program called “Genealogy Roadshow.” It is to begin filming in July and will focus initially on families in San Francisco, Detroit, Nashville and Austin. 

Sort of a hybrid of “History Detectives,”and “Antiques Roadshow,” the program’s premise is that residents who think they might have a significant ancestral story will bring them to the show’s producers, and local experts will do the research. (I am always surprised that so many owners of the most fascinating books, photographs or other heirlooms on these programs had never tried to work out their genealogical connections.)

The Irish series asks the following questions: 

Do you believe you are related to someone famous?
Is your family connected to a major historical event?
Do you need to solve a family mystery?

It is "exactly like  Antiques Roadshow except that it deals in dead people rather than mouldy artefacts," according to the Irish Independent’s John Bolans.

In other news:
The new web display for is up and running and I find it utterly baffling.  To get to the Family History Library catalog takes three steps now instead of one. To find some concise “how to” information I wanted to recommend to a beginner took even longer.

What has your experience been?

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The Path Traveled said...

So glad I read your blog today. I didn't know that family site had changed and I must go check it out. Thanks.